Affordable SEO services for small businesses in Cambridge

Do you own or manage a small or medium sized business? At Cambridge SEO we don’t need to tell you how important it is these days to have internet exposure!

The problem faced by smaller businesses is – how to get internet traffic and customers? And how to compete with the big players? Companies like Amazon or Ebay have huge budgets and armies of employees all working against the little guy.

In the past the route to business success was far simpler than in today’s business world. The routine was to start a business. Advertise in the local press. Perhaps put an ad in the Yellow Pages or local business directory? Then sit back and wait for the customers to arrive. Work hard. Gain a good reputation for your goods or services. And slowly but surely the business would build through word of mouth. Smarter companies soon caught on to the fact that if they should name their business something beginning with the letter A. They would then be at the top of the listings in telephone directories and therefore receive more calls !

Now this as a marketing strategy does still have some merit. But it simply wont be enough to push your business forward and make your company stand out from the rest.

In today’s connected world most consumers turn to the internet and search engines to seek their products and services. And it is here where the Cambridge SEO Company can help.

If you have been looking for website design or a Cambridge SEO service – locally or nationally – no doubt you have seen many amazing offers. The most common is the promise of position 1 in the Google search engine. For this you can expect fees ranging anywhere from $500 to many thousands per month.

If you have used any of these services you will probably be aware of the excuses used by less reputable companies. Such as ”Google have changed their algorithm” or ”your rankings are improving – stay with us another month”. You can spend thousands of pounds and only achieve minimal results chasing the big volume keywords. Here at the Cambridge SEO Company we understand that this can be a bottomless money pit. It’s doomed to failure before you even begin!

Cambridge SEO and website design

Having over 25 years of qualified computing industry experience we have seen the typical scenario time and time again. A small business employs a website designer to  build them a website. The business spends in the region of $1000 for a sleek flashy website that looks fantastic! However the website design is completely useless. It doesn’t matter how good it looks if it’s not getting any traffic!

What many people do not realize is that website design and Search Engine Optimisation are completely separate industries. And the website design is no good without the relevant keyword, meta descriptions, tags, LSI keywords, keyword density, backlinks – and all the other criteria you need to have in place to get customers visiting your website!

At the end of the day the website designer is very rarely an SEO expert. After all – you wouldn’t ask your local GP to do open heart surgery. Everyone has their own specialist field .

The Cambridge SEO Company – what we do.

We do not make false promises. We do not charge thousands of dollars. And we will not be able to get more traffic to your website than Amazon or Ebay!

It is unlikely – though not impossible – that we will be able to get you to position number 1 on Google, Bing or Yahoo for even your most competitive keywords (unless you have an unlimited budget of course!).

What we can do is analyse your business. We assess your target market and thoroughly research the keywords and terms / key phrases your customers are entering into the search engines. We will then build a new website (much like the one you are viewing now). This new site will target the terms your customers are already searching for. We will find the relevant industry keywords for your business. Keywords that have less search engine competition. And so will dominate the search engines for these terms. And bring you targeted customers to your door.

We can not force these customers to buy your products or services. That is your area of expertise. But we do expect at least 100 potential customers per week to be visiting your site after a six month period.

Our packages are a fixed price $399 for our Cambridge website design and keyword research. Then our affordable SEO package is just $99 per month. This includes continual Search Engine Optimisation and back linking. We also provide a hosting service if required for $19.99 per month.

For companies with a larger budget who want to see results fast, we also provide a pay on results service. And you only pay if we do what we promise!

At the Cambridge SEO Company we do not tie you in for long periods of time. We do suggest a minimum six month term to enable us to fulfil our promises to you. We – and you – need to see your new website perform and reach our minimum guaranteed targeted customer traffic levels.

You will be given access and shown how to evaluate your website performance and traffic levels by us once your website is up and running. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to take our word for your website‘s success. We want you to see for yourself how well it is performing.

Please visit our other pages on the Cambridge SEO Company website for further details and how to order. Or if you are still a little confused as what we actually do then take a look at our page entitled What is SEO?