Affordable SEO services for small businesses in Cambridge

Do you own or manage a small or medium sized business? At Cambridge SEO we don’t need to tell you how important it is these days to have internet exposure!

The problem faced by smaller businesses is – how to get internet traffic and customers? And how to compete with the big players? Companies like Amazon or Ebay have huge budgets and armies of employees all working against the little guy.

In the past the route to business success was far simpler than in today’s business world. The routine was to start a business. Advertise in the local press. Perhaps put an ad in the Yellow Pages or local business directory? Then sit back and wait for the customers to arrive. Work hard. Gain a good reputation for your goods or services. And slowly but surely the business would build through word of mouth. Smarter companies soon caught on to the fact that if they should name their business something beginning with the letter A. They would then be at the top of the listings in telephone directories and therefore receive more calls !

Now this as a marketing strategy does still have some merit. But it simply wont be enough to push your business forward and make your company stand out from the rest.

In today’s connected world most consumers turn to the internet and search engines to seek their products and services. And it is here where the Cambridge SEO Company can help.

If you have been looking for website design or a Cambridge SEO service – locally or nationally – no doubt you have seen many amazing offers. The most common is the promise of position 1 in the Google search engine. For this you can expect fees ranging anywhere from $500 to many thousands per month.

If you have used any of these services you will probably be aware of the excuses used by less reputable companies. Such as ”Google have changed their algorithm” or ”your rankings are improving – stay with us another month”. You can spend thousands of pounds and only achieve minimal results chasing the big volume keywords. Here at the Cambridge SEO Company we understand that this can be a bottomless money pit. It’s doomed to failure before you even begin!